I’m totally new to this. How do I proceed?

Getting one of our Asian Dubai Escorts is simple and fun. All you need to do is contact us after making a choice from our list of ladies. Should you have any questions or worries about your choice, we are always ready to clear your doubts. If you are all set to make your booking, just give us the necessary details and we’ll handle things from there. Some clients may find it difficult making a choice. In such cases, we can choose for you. The fun is much greater though, when you personally pick your companion.

For new clients, there tends to be a feeling of uncertainty when they meet their escorts. It doesn’t have to be so. Our ladies are there to serve you, so you should be the master. Do not shy away from your companion, because it will be difficult for her to know exactly what you want and you will not get the best experience from our service. If you are the shy guy, don’t worry. Many clients are skeptical at the beginning of a show but pick up steam after a few minutes.

What do I do when I meet my companion?

The first thing we recommend all our clients do when they meet their escort is let her have her donation. Never let them ask for it; they don’t like to do that. We are a professional Asian Dubai Escorts service provider and it will be beneficial for you and for us if things were done professionally. Letting your companion have her package the moment you meet, builds her confidence and trust. With that trust, you just may enjoy a special (additional) touch from her. Wouldn’t that be something?

She has her package. What next?

After winning her confidence, it’s time for your beauty queen to make you happy. Depending on who she is and what you ask for, there could be different actions taken to please you. Generally though, your escort will play dirty with you; she will strip tease you, take off her clothes slowly, and even do some dollar games.

A full show will last about an hour. Of course you can always make it longer if you get to tip your lady regularly. A Asian Dubai Escorts appreciates being tipped; the more you tip her, the longer and crazier the experience gets to be. We advice you come along with $20 bills for tipping during games. If you want a really obsessive experience, come with enough bills for regular tips. You may not use them (all) but just have them handy.

I need this service for myself and my friends. Is that possible?

The answer is a resounding “Yes”. Our ladies can offer services to individuals and to groups of people. Please ask your friends to come with $20 bills for tipping. As already mentioned, the more you tip your escort, the better you get of her services.

What about the cost of your service?

As a leading Asian Dubai Escorts Agency, we understand that the cost of our service may be an issue to clients, so we do our best to make the service as affordable as possible. To get full details of the different categories of our services, please visit of pricing page. In most cases, the payment is made in cash when your companion meets you. If you’d rather not pay cash, you can purchase our services through credit card or PayPal. We usually accept all major credit cards.

Are pictures authorized?

You can take pictures if your escort is OK with that. Most of our ladies usually don’t have a problem with this. If you ask nicely and are good to them from the moment you meet, your chances of being allowed to take pictures are quite high.

Do I have to abide by any rules?

Like any other entertainment service, we strictly follow national and local legislations on location, drugs, alcohol. No unlawful drugs or gambling are ever tolerated in our shows. We also will not put up with any act that we consider a threat to our entertainers. Should we realize any of these, we will be forced to end the show immediately and you can’t expect any reimbursement. We provide professional Asian Dubai Escorts services and will not risk the security of our employees for anything in the world.

Our immediate rules are direct and simple; respect our workers. Don’t slap, pinch, bite or verbally abuse them. Don’t lick them if they do not give their approval. Follow these simple rules and you’ll have the best of time with your companion.

This must never reach any one. Do I have that guarantee?

You absolutely have the guarantee. We are experts in the business and we understand just how vital discretion is. We take every measure to ensure that doing business with us remains top secret. It is up to you though, to inform us of any dispensation you may have about privacy. But don’t worry. Generally, if you don’t post it on social media, or do something that will publicize your move, no one will ever know about it.